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Welcome to my Tumblr.com Site!

I'm a Customer Service Representative by day. And around it - live the life of a Social Media Connoisseur.

I reside in "One of Ohio's Best Kept Secrets" - New Bremen. I live here with my beautiful wife, our wonderful kids, and quite possibly the most pampered and spoiled Beagle on Planet Earth!

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I hope you enjoy what you discover here, come back often, and most importantly - have a DYNAMITE day!"

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Good Wednesday / Hump Day Morning! Have a DYNAMITE day! #haveadynamitday #humpday

Good Tuesday Morning! “MORE Snow in Ohio!” - said NOBODY today! Have a DYNAMITE day! #haveadynamitday

Chia Wes?

Yeah it’s here again. Good Monday Morning! Have a DYNAMITE day and week! #haveadynamitday


Good Wednesday Morning everyone! Have a DYNAMITE Hump Day! #haveadynamiteday #humpday

Great weather and great location for a great nap! Zzzzzz… (at West Bank Park)

Good Tuesday Afternoon! Have a DYNAMITE day my friends! #haveadynamiteday

Good Monday Afternoon friends! Have a DYNAMITE day and week! #haveadynamiteday (at WesWyatt.com)

Man this makes me feel OLD! I remember watching the NBC Show like it was yesterday! (at WesWyatt.com)